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  • Bubble Soccer

    February 2, 2016 | Interactives
    Bubble Soccer

    Knockerball™ bubble soccer is an extremely fun interactive. Jump, run, roll around in this fun and safe game that enables you to almost literally defy gravity. Bubble Soccer combines the fun of a game of soccer with the craziness of body bubbles!When it comes to bubble soccer, many people do not know what it is. It is time to learn more about bubble soccer, or you will be behind the trend. In 2011, two Norwegian whose names are Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden created this incredible ball game. The first game was as an episode aired on the local television. To our surprise, this video was quickly popular in Europe once it published on the Internet./p>

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    Football Bungee

    Are you ready to play quarterback? You’re tethered by a bungee cord to a player on the other side of our inflated “field” and then try to see how far you can make it to place your beanbags on the velcro yardlines. But be careful…you may just get yanked back when the other player tries to do the same thing!

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    Pedestal Joust

    Pick your pedestal and make your stand! Two opponents fight it out with safe padded jousting sticks in a large blow up arena. Last one to fall wins! This inflatable interactive game is great for kids of all ages. Kids stand on the pedestals and compete with each other to be the last one standing!! Great for parties!! Dimensions: 26′L x 18′W

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    The Meltdown

    Try out the Meltdown!! 8 people will compete to be the last one standing in this inflatable game which has two spinning padded arms which will try to knock you off your podium. Duck or Jump over the padded arms to see which of you has the stamina to win!! A 30′ x 30′ octagon inflatable with 8 removable podiums for your participants.On top of the center section is a flashing LED siren light (no sound). Meltdown is fun for the whole family. There is a variable speed control on the console that increases or decreases the speed of the automatic program.

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    UFO Laser Tag

    UFO Laser Tag Northern Kentucky. Hours of fun can be had with this from kids to teenagers and even adults. It’s own scoring system in the guns and L.E.D. scoreboard keeps track of the leaders to ensure everybody is into the competition. With multiple games to be played it is an easy switch of the button to have team, solo or even a Vampire game!

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