• Water Slides/Dry Slides

  • Country Falls Water Slide

    Our 27′ Country Falls 2 Lane waterslide features a radical sliding angle that’s sure to get the adrenaline pumping as riders scream down our 27′ thrilling water slide. At the bottom, riders continue down 35′ of [...]

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    Puddle Splash Water Slide

    The Puddle Splash is a great waterslide for all kids. Don't the name fool you as it is an adventure for all. Request a reservation or call today. We have the best selection of water slides in Northern Kentucky and Southern Indiana. The[...]

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    Fire n Ice Water Slide

    The first, two-story water slides that let kids decide from what height they want to slide down. Climb up the ladder and stop at the first platform or continue 3 ½ feet higher and slide down the second. No matter which they choose [...]

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    Titanic Dry Slide

    Check out The Titanic Dry Slide. This dual lane slide is a sinking sensation when you go down! The speed alone will make you feel like your on a roller coaster! Great for all ages even for the little ones to climb up.

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    Roaring River Water Slide

    Our 22′ Roaring River 2 Lane Run ‘N’ Splash Rock Arches Combo features a radical sliding angle that’s sure to get the adrenaline pumping as riders scream down our 22′ water slide. At the bottom, riders continue[...]

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    Heavy Hauler Dry Slide

    Drive off to the quarry with this towering, mighty machine! Heavy Haulin’ features a wide slide lane that seems to go on forever, enough to appease adventurous engineers of any age! Realistic digital artwork captures the heart of the [...]

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    Thunder Alley Water Slide

    Check out the Thunder Alley Inflatable Water Slide. Riders can race down the dual lanes to see who is fastest, and slides farthest! The slide is wet and wild, from the beginning to the end. The steep angle will have your adrenaline pumping.[...]

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  • Rent Inflatable Water Slides- Northern KY-Southern IN.

    Bounce house rentals are taking the world by storm. People often don't know what to call them though: bounce house, moonwalks, jumpers, bouncers or even a kids party inflatable thing. We call them fun and we have a great selection with all of your favorite characters. We also have inflatable slides, water slides, So whatever you want to call them...give us a call or reserve on-line and we promise a great time. We service many areas of the tri-state including Northern Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Cities like Hebron (KY) Burlington (KY) Florence (KY) FT. Thomas (KY) just to name a few.