• Best tips for kids to be safe in a bounce house

    Only children age 6 and older should use bounce houses. Younger children may not have the balance, coordination or strength to safely enjoy one.

    An adult must always be present to supervise. At a park or other similar setting, a trained staff member must be present to supervise. The safest way to use a bouncer is to allow only one child on it at a time. If more than one child will be using it, make sure they are about the same age and size. Before entering, have children take off their shoes, glasses, and jewelry. Make sure they empty their pockets of any sharp objects, as well.

    Set rules for safe play. Teach children to not roughhouse, tumble, wrestle or do flips. Have them stay away from the entrance or exit, and the sides or walls of the bouncer. If the bouncer begins to lose air, or if it’s too windy, have all children carefully exit the bouncer. A good indication of when it is too windy (between 13-17 mph) is when winds raise dust and loose paper, or small branches start to move. If this is the case, stop play immediately, and have all children exit the bouncer. To read more about bounce house safety for kids check out our blog

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