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How to Choose an Inflatable Water Slide

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Whenever it is hot outside, and you would like to have happy moments with your little ones, inflatable water slide is all you need. An inflatable water slide is not just a great way to have fun with kids; it gives them an opportunity to expend energy and interact with others away from sitting in front of TVs. With the ability of inflatable water slides, bounce houses, and other related items to provide enjoyable leisure time for everyone, getting one has become the order of the day for many homes with kids. Whether you would like to buy or rent bounce houses or inflatable water slides, there are various options available. 

Before going ahead to rent water slides for your kids, there are certain things you need to consider so as to make the best choice. Below are a few things to consider when choosing an inflatable water slide: 

  • Determine the amount you would like to spend on the inflatable water slide 

Although you can either buy or rent water slides when you or your kids are in need of it, it is always reasonable to consider your budget. Since inflatable water slide and different kinds of bounce houses come in different shapes, sizes, and types, their prices vary greatly. Therefore, to avoid being a spendthrift, you should set a budget and stick to it. In most cases, the price of inflatable water slide falls around $200 to $600. If buying one is unaffordable, there are many companies offering people the opportunity to rent bounce houses, obstacle courses, and water slides. 

  • Consider the purpose of the inflatable water slide 

Having considered your budget, it is imperative to decide the uses of the inflatable water slide. When you want to buy or rent water slides for little kids, you should go for smaller ones that are safe for them to use. Older children and adults, on the hand, will need big water slides that are usually more expensive. 

  • Check out its features 

As a result of the diversity of the shapes and sizes of these items, there are different in the features they have. There are a few ones with slides or tunnels while others have water play, basketball hoops, and so on. However, the more the features, the higher the prices of the inflatable water slide. If your budget is low, you should avoid going for those with many features. Alternatively, you can rent bounce houses with several features for your kid’s party or summer break to ensure everybody has fun. 

  • Evaluate the number of kids that will be using the water slide each time 

There is no inflatable water slide or bounce house that can serve the need of all kids; therefore, it is necessary to be certain of the number of kids that will be using the slide before getting one. There are various large inflatable water slides that are specifically designed for a large number of kids; however, they usually cost an arm and a leg when compared to the smaller ones. These larger ones can even be used by adults who would like to join the kids in having fun. 

To save your budget, go for small inflatable water slide if you only have a few kids. Nevertheless, you can easily rent water slides that are large if you are hosting more children. 

  • Check the weight 

Most high-quality inflatable water slides and bounce houses have larger total weight due to the heavy-duty, lasting materials used in producing them. Nevertheless, the heavy weight of the slides may be disadvantageous when you consider the way of handling or carrying the slides.  

Another thing to consider regarding the quality of the water slide is the horsepower if its blower. The horsepower must adequately take care of the airflow needs of the water slide. 

  • Consider availability of space 

Since your inflatable water slide is going to be inflated in your backyard or other outdoor venues for it is to serve its purpose, do not buy or rent water slides until you are certain there is enough space to accommodate it. If you should choose an inflatable water slide that is too big for the space, it will be uncomfortably congested. Not only is this not good for the health of those playing with the slides, but it will also be impossible to maximize its use. 

  • Verify the credibility of the manufacturer 

Just like other products in the market, there are innumerable inflatable water slides that are produced by dishonest manufacturers. Such water slides are not durable as their features and the materials used for making them are substandard. To rent bounce houses and water slides that are good, take your time to check out the history of the manufacturer.  

Also, check the feedbacks provided by the customers who have bought or rented the items in the past. Only go for products with several positive reviews. If you want to rent water slides in Southeastern Indiana and Northern Kentucky for your party and your kids’ party, Bounce Around Inflatable is your best option for durable and beautiful water slides, obstacle courses, and bounce houses. 

  • Be certain of the materials used for making the water slides 

For many reasons, the materials used in making a water slide will play a vital role in determining whether you should choose it for kids and adults or not. If it will be used by kids, especially without supervision by adults, it is important for the inflatable water slides to be puncture-resistant. Apart from ensuring its durability, being puncture-resistant makes it safer for kids to use. 

  • Get inflatable water slides that can work in different conditions 

If your budget is sufficient, choose inflatable water slides that are capable of working in different conditions – both wet and dry conditions. With such water slides, you can enjoy using the water slides anytime of the year. 

Would you like to rent water slides in Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky? If yes, contact Bounce Around Inflatable now. This rental company provides dry and water slides, obstacle courses, bounce house combos, and other types of inflatable items that are used for having fun.