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Are Bounce Houses Safe For Kids?

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Bounce houses are loved by almost all kids. They constitute a major source of happiness and enjoyment to them and are often one of the main centers of attraction at any event largely populated by small ones such as birthday parties and carnivals, and this is why parents continue to rent bounce houses in Northern Kentucky. To most parents, the safety of their children is the most important thing. So, in a nutshell, are bounce houses still safe for kids? Well, the answer is yes. However, several factors must be put into consideration to ensure the safety of children. In other words, if you can use them properly and take reasonable safety precautions, bounce houses are safe for kids.  

So, if you intend to rent a bounce house in Northern KY, what things do you need to do to make them safe for your kids?  

Ensure the operator stays around  

In most parks and other similar settings, bounce houses are usually operated by a trained staff member who knows more on how to properly operate the bounce houses. But, this does not mean such trained operator stays around the bounce house all the time. Thus you, in particular, should insist that the operator stays by the bounce house while the kids use it. This prevents the possibility of any of kids suffering a very serious injury. However, if you rent a water slide in Northern Kentucky, there may not be a trained operator on site who works for the company. In such situation, appoint an adult to watch over the kids.  

Set age restriction 

Not all kids can play in a bounce house. Only children who are above six years of age should be allowed to enter bounce houses. This is because younger kids may not have the balance, strength, coordination, and intelligence needed to safely enjoy them, so there is a higher possibility of injury if they are allowed to use them. You must bear this in mind before you rent bounce houses for any party. 

Set safe play rules 

First, before you allow your kids to enter a bounce house, rid them of any sharp object around them. Also, tell them to take off their jewelry, shoes, glasses, etc. Furthermore, teach them not to wrestle, tumble or do flips. Again, once the bouncer begins to lose air and it is windy, get them out as early as possible. Also, whenever they are in the bounce house, make sure they stay away from the entrance to the exit as well as the walls or sides of the bouncer. This is very important for your kids’ safety if you intend to rent water slides in Northern Kentucky. 

Comply with maximum occupancy rules 

Bounce houses do have a maximum occupancy number. Usually, the number can be found listed outside of the bounce house. Do not allow kids beyond the stipulated number to enter at a time. 

To know more about why and how bounce houses can be safe for kids, you can call us and we will help you with any questions you may have.